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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  June 30, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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in the lives of ordinary americans, are we going to give them more opportunity so that if they work hard they can get ahead, are we going to make this a more inclusive economy, a more inclusive society, a more fair just society, if that's our north star and we keep on tacking in that direction, we're going to make progress. and i feel -- i feel pretty excited about it. so i might see if we can make next week even better. >> another press conference. >> i love press conferences. it's my press team that's always holding me back. i want to talk to you guys every day. sorry, josh.
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>> translator: we take the issue of security in large events very seriously. we take the question of security in large scale events as very serious issue. which means that we involve all of those bodies or agencies that can and will ensure proper security during the upcoming olympics. they include the armed forces, the federal police service, and all of the state level police bodies in the state of rio de janiero. we already have experience in the public security arena because last year we organized and staged the world soccer cup and we had to provide security not only to just one city rather, we had to cover the whole country and there was not one single action that was left uncontrolled in the 12 different host cities of the world cup in brazil thereby establishing a very effective control system by means of command and control
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center as well as my training and control centers covering all activity activities including the displacement of athletes as well as high-ranking government officials and authorities. so we followed up on and ensured proper security conditions to all of those steps. and that is why i am certain that we will be in a position to ensure absolute security during the olympics just as was the case during the last year's world soccer cup. i actually believe the upcoming 2016 olympics to be held next june/july in rio will be a unique and special occasion because it will bring together the joy of the brazilians and the beauty of rio. of course, each country tends to think they have the world's best city but i think rio de janiero
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is indeed the world's best and most beautiful, most beautiful city. so the olympics will bring together excellent organizational capabilities and the wonderful ability of brazil is to welcome and receive visitors and athletes and all of those who wish to come to brazil, you have a standing invitation to come to the olympics because we will certainly ensure not only security conditions but we will make sure that you enjoy a beautiful celebration during the upcoming olympics. right now we'll call upon daily newspaper reporter for the second question. >> state on the royal giant is being sued by many american investors who lost millions of dollars is being investigated by the department of justisce because of improper allegations.
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is that a concern? >> you know, i make it a policy not to comment on active cases that are working their way through the justice system. partly because the people here in the united states know that the lawyers work for me and i want to make sure that we appear impartial. i'm not familiar with all the details of the case so i'll decline to comment on the specifics. i will make a general statement that i have had the opportunity to work with president rousseff on the opening government initiative that we've been trying to mobilize internationally and brazil's been a great partner in that process, that the more we can
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create accountability and transparency in our government systems, the better off we're going to be. and that takes work. it takes time. but brazil's been a strong partner with us in that process and i hope that both countries can continue to make progress on that front. >> translator: i would like to highlight the fact that petra is indeed one of the major oil producing and oil exporting companies in the oil and gas industry. they have more than 6,000 employees. some employees working for petra did engage in corruption or arkts of corruption. therefore, thes investigation of course that is going on has been going on by the federal prosecutor's office and they are being sued by that office.
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the circumstantial evidence that is available from the prosecutors are pretty substantial. the evidence is pretty substantial. substantially sir cup substantially. all legal matters taken against them will be be taken into account that acts of corruption were practiced but it does not involve 100% of the company and all staff members so therefore follows that those who did practice act of corruption be held account i believe and be punished. the people who actually engaged in these kt as of corruption should be punished, to them what will happen. the good news about it is is it is a strong company. very well managed today with proper governance processes and
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compliance processes well in place and properly adjusted. were that not the case how could you possibly understand that it has come to a production level of 800,000 barrels a day. furthermore this year it was awarded the so-called oscar of the oil industry oil and gas industry by the otc, innovation award was granted to petra this year. it's a fully operational company, not the contrary. in regards to your second question i have never appointed or dismissed ministers that may have been appointed or dismissed by the press or by the media. that being the case i will await until all facts and events be properly looked into and disclosed before i come to an assistment. but at least in principle i think it is important and necessary that all of us have
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access to the same information. the brazilian government does not have access to the court records. strangely enough, there was this selective leakage of information supposedly or allegedly stemming from the dockets or the court records. so apparently people are free to say whatever they want and those who are accused have no way of defending themselves because they don't really know exactly what they are being charged with. we are a country marked by a democratic process. we were able to put an end to all of the arbitrary arrangements and violation of rights in the pass. very strong military dictatorship. given our track record we should really enshrine the right to defense and stick to the principle of sentencing only when evidence is available, not the other way around. people have the right of proving that they are innocent.
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only those who accuse are the ones who should provide evidence of guilt. i mean that's the underlying basic principle of western civilization that we all share. people's democracy, people's right to defense and burden of proof. burden of proof lies on the accusing party and should be of course a grounded type of evidence, not just allegations, speculation, that does not ensure access to all of the court records. that will be medieval. that would send us back to the middle ages. >> jim, about last week. i had a chance to do the rose garden celebration of the court decision around same-sex marriage. i did not have a chance to comment on how good the white house looked in rainbow colors. that made it a really good week. to see people gather in the
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evening outside on a beautiful summer night and to feel whole and to feel accepted and to feel that they had a right to love. that was pretty cool. that was a good thing. >> no regrets at all? >> that was a good thing. and the only bad part about it was i couldn't go out and peak at it myself because then i would have had to clear out all the people or secret service would have. so i could only reflect on it from a television screen. that's a moment worth savering. thank you very much, everybody. >> hi, everybody. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we've been live inside the east room in the white house where a joint news conference is being held with president obama and
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brazil's visiting president dilma rousseff. he answered questions from the iran to supreme court. andrea mitchell is live in vienna following the iran nuke talks and columnist ruth marcus and political writer jeremy peters. andrea, let me start with you because the first question to the president was about the iran talks and let's play a piece of the sound from the press conference. >> there are deep-seeded disagreements and divisions between the united states and iran and those are not going to go away overnight. >> not over night and certainly not by the deadline, which is today, to have something figured out. andrea explain where we are in the negotiating process. >> they have agreed to leave the current situation in place until july 7th to give the negotiators more time. that is something that they agreed on just today.
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the iranian foreign minister came back today but i thought it was important the president made two points. he said if this is not a verifiable agreement that meets his standards that iran will not be able to get a nuclear weapon he is prepared to walk away from it. that is his answer to the critics including the most recently senator tom cotton and others who say that the u.s. is caving in, making concession after concession waiting too long at these talks. but the first part of the question was really stunning because he was asked about the relatives, the families. here in vienna whom i have interviewed who have relative family members who have imprisoned in iran and he said that it is a separate track from the iran talks but that he is pushing hard all the time for the release, for the basic human rights of those people who include amir hekmati and also -- excuse me amir hekmati, former marine. i visit i'd his sister today and
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brother-in-law. and jason rezaian. i interviewed his brother ali rezaian yesterday here in vienna. they are here trying to get attention and spotlight on their relatives. longest held in prison right now is indeed amir hekmati who went to visit his grandmother and was arrested. the president laid out that inspectors would be able to go in and wander around, that they will be able to -- they need to be able to go and look at sensitive sites. that has been one of the remaining disputes here in vienna at the talks. >> peter alexander to join us live inside the east room of the white house. peter, what are the big headlines to take away from this press conference this? >> international topics like iran and the topic of greece was obviously a focus today as that country prepares for a referendum in the face of what some fear could be a global financial crisis. the president was clear to communicate that this was an
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issue of substantial concern but primarily a concern for the european community itself and he said it should not prompt any overreactions certainly here in the u.s. but elsewhere in the world. and beyond that i think what was striking was what the president said about the past week and some of the most significant accomplishments he and his staff have been celebrating over the past self days me referred to what some people have called his best week ever in office saying that it's up there. there have been other good weeks including when he married his wife and the birth of his two daughters. but he said significantly that he wants to try to squeeze out every last ounce of progress he can before the end of his time in office. among the topics that he note was the desire to pursue some sort of a new infrastructure bill to have that passed in a law that's been a significant priority. climate change is another topic that has been significant here as well. at the end he focused back on a topic that obviously was so significant when the white house was bathed in a rainbow of
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colors and he said for once i felt like this country was very whole. i think that's the topic many people will certainly feel resonates with them. >> north star being this country is more inclusive but let's talk the reveal about overtime pay protection protections. what is the president saying about what he wants to do there? >> the president is going to go on the road thursday head off to the midwest to speak about this more broadly. but be clear, the white house, federal government has control over minimum wage and overtime. the issue that this rule change will affect is specific to overtime. it affects only salaried workers, those who work more than 40 hours a week. and it will now, the threshold that overtime will benefit will go past $23,660, i believe the number is, up to $50,400 or numbers about to that effect which means about 5 million more americans will be eligible through salaried employees will be eligible to receive overtime pay. it's part of his desire the president and his staff have said to try to improve and grow
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the middle class saying that that threshold previously existed was simply too low. this rule change will go into effect in 2016. athong those staunchest critics, republican republicans and members of the small business community who say at the end of the day what this will do in their words is affect job creation and stall the ability to grow the economy. >> peter alexander, thanks so much. let's go to ruth marcus now. ruth what do you think the president has in his jet engine political tank to get things done like overtime pay protections as he's going to hit the road? do you think he has the juice to make it happen? >> well, he has two different things. he has the about that we've seen him use in the past and this we see him try to use now with overtime to use executive action. so the overtime issue is something that he can do on his own with the administration.
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the second thing is whether he can take some of the across the aisle achievements that he saw last week and he cited today, for example, on trade and find some areas of potential common agreement with republicans. he cited infrastructure he cited job training and he cited criminal justice which are all three potential elements where you can imagine some cross-party agreement. and we'll see whether he can -- i doubt he's going to have another week of his presidency that is this good but i don't rule out the possibility of further achievements. even legislatively. >> i don't know if the best political analyst could have predicted that week we just lived through for the president. as we just saw images of the president of brazil shaking the president's hand in the oval office, are we back to being on a good track with brazil? we had a little bit of a break-up because of the fact that we spied on president rousseff and that disclosure was
10:18 am
made about 2013. >> that's right. and the questions he was asked about it twice at the press conference shows how raw this issue still really is. and brazil of course wasn't the only country revelations recently that this happened in france and of course famously in germany. but i think reflecting back on the president's week here and how good it was and for the first time today in quite a while we saw his approval ratings rise to 50%, but everything that's happening in this press conference the broader context of world events you have this debt crisis in greece, you have these very very precarious negotiations with iran. and i think those serve as a reminder of just how quickly foreign affairs can intrude on a presidency and really take things south. now, i'm not saying i think that's what's going to happen but for as good as things are going now for president obama, world affairs can always intervene and bring things back down to earth for him. >> my thanks to both of you.
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"new york times" political writer jeremy peters ruth marcus appreciate it, and peter alexander. big news of the day in politics and chris christie announcing he is all in for 2016. it was a short time ago he became the 14th republican to enter this race. new jersey governor turned in a classic confrontational performance. his promise to tell it like it is. also railing at both parties for failing to end washington gridlock. >> both parties have failed our country. both parties have stood in the corner and held their breath to get their way. both parties have led us to believe that an america, a country built on compromise that somehow now compromises a dirty word if washington and adams and jeffer southern believed compromise is a dirty word, we would still be under the crown of england. >> no prompter off script. kelly o'donnell is in
10:20 am
livingston, new jersey. i understand you just spoke to the governor. >> had a chance to catch up with him in the moments right after his announcement speech. it was that mix off stage where there's still adrenaline and perspiration and backslapping going on. we got up close to the governor and i asked him a couple of things. we talked about broadening the party in many ways because he was taking some shots at fellow republicans as well. but also acknowledging that his own poll numbers, his fate has changed quite a bit over the last few years. you remember thomas how people were trying to draft him to run in 2012 when he was at the peak of his popularity. much different now. i asked chris christie about that right off stage. >> part of it is is that, you know, we had the bridgegate situation which turned out not to be anything about me but the coverage was overwhelming. and last thing is you make hard decisions for a long time. if you at the history of my poll numbers, they are.
10:21 am
and down in the state. when you do that, you know, people get upset when you make hard decisions. whatever you do you're making somebody happy and somebody angry. usually more people happy than angry. i don't worry about that stuff. i guarantee you before it's all over, they will be back up where they need to be. >> reporter: i also asked the governor if he will qualify for that threshold point of the first debate. he said absolutely. and a point i noticed, i didn't bring up bridgegate, he even called it that. he brought it up himself. sort of embracing one of his own problems. one of the things that has really cost him a lot even within his own party and his national standing. so he is off and running. we had the first chance to get up close and personal and talk to him in those moments right after he announced. and thomas as you know our colleague matt lauer is doing a longer sit-down interview. it was happenstance i got close enough matt lauer did homework to make it happen today. but we're covering chris christie as he begins his campaign. we'll see how far it takes him. he's heading off to new
10:22 am
hampshire by the end of today to do a town hall meeting and several days of those kinds of events. one thing that advisers say is that the new hampshire style of politics where he takes questions and candidates get to sort of dish back that might play well to chris christie. we'll have to see how he does. >> thomas? >> people like his retail politics. thanks so much. great job. we are asking you to weigh in on our bing pulse question today, will chris christie's telling it like it is strategy work? head to cast your votes now. i want to bring in bob i think lt columnist and blogger and author of "chris christie, the inside story of his rise to power." bob, great to have you you here. your first impressions. how did he do with his announcement? >> i think he went through his 2015 quota for cliches, actually. you don't really expect a lot from these things. i mean it's a ra-rah rally i'm really out there and running. let's get on with it. i wasn't disappointed.
10:23 am
i didn't see anything extraordinary though. >> christie is saying he's going to talk hard truths and then after we hear this i want to talk to you about the economy of new jersey. take a listen. >> we must tell each other the truth about the problems we have and the difficulty of the solutions, but if we tell each other the truth, everybody, we recognize that truth and hard decisions today will lead to growth and opportunity tomorrow for every american in this country. >> all right. so the gop generally likes governors running for the presidential office. jersey's economy not doing well. hard truth. latest government figure seventh highest in the nation. economic growth is in the bottom five. is he prepared to run on that and tackle that hard truth as he tries to gain attention for the gop nomination? >> i noticed in that speech that he said something about the number of private sector jobs they had added and that's true. they have added those. but it's still trails the rest
10:24 am
of the country and the unemployment is still greater than the rest of the country. it just has not kept up with what was going on. the atlantic city is a mess. he was going to fix it. >> retail politic, people like him out in the field. >> that's the best thing he's got going for him. it's sort of a show. people like to go down and watch him perform. and i've done it many times. he's entertaining. that doesn't mean they're necessarily going to vote for him or think that can mean he leads the free world. >> we'll see how he does in the grand state of new hampshire. great to see you, sir. be sure to watch "nightly news" matt lauer is sitting down with chris christie. part will air tonight on your lowal nbc station. more of it will air tomorrow on the "today" show. breaking developments. 12 prison officials are placed on administrative leave. this is the latest fallout from richard matt and david sweat's brazen outbreak.
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found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. breaking news developments in the investigation into the new york prison break. we've got 12 employees at the clinton correctional facility placed onned a my straightive leave. it's part of the investigation the into this month'ses squap by matt and sweat. meanwhile, sweat is spilling the beans on their original escape plan. his condition has been upgraded to fair now. new york governor andrew cuomo says that matt and sweat planned to head to mexico with joyce mitchell as their getaway driver and that changed when mitchell did not show up. adam riess is tracking this story for us. explain to all of us about what we know these prison guard individuals or employees that have been found to be involved. what have we got? >> sure thomas. now that the manhunt is over, heads are starting to roll here at the clinton correctional
10:29 am
facility. three members of the administrative team leader team, executive team including the superintendent have been put on administrative leave as well as nine members of this security staff. in the meantime they'll bring in a new team to run the jail. this comes after months prior to the escape we learned that bedtime rituals had changed. they weren't shining lights inside the cells anymore because the inpates were complaining that the light -- they couldn't sleep with lights being shined on them. they were allowed to pull blankets over their heads because they said that it was just so cold at night. and we learned after the escape that two of the towers here were unmanned on the night of the escape. one prison official has told nbc news that the block party -- it was like a block party on that honor block where matt and sweat lived, they were able to make their own meals, wear civilian clothing, listen to music, watch tv. now, this comes after the fbi announced their own investigation into corruption
10:30 am
and you know the governor has his own investigation as well into how these two men escaped. i just want to mention one more thing. within the last hour "the new york times" has reported two investigators talking to sweat, sweat has told them on the night before they escaped, they had a dry run. thomas? >> wow. this is very compelling information. also, i understand joyce mitchell is putting out a statement. >> right. she's still in jail but through her attorney she says joyce is happy. the manhunt ended and no one was hurt. that is what she's been praying for. and her prayers were answered. thomas? >> adam riess reporting for us. developing right now, california governor jerry brown just signed a con troers shul new bill into law making vaccines mandatory in his state. the law requires all public school children to be vaccinated, unvaccinated kids would need to be home-schooled. the bill was produced after an out outbreak of measles at addition any land. california joins mississippi and west virginia as the only states
10:31 am
with such strict requirements. still ahead, lifelines are running out for millions in debt rav vaned greece. live pictures. look at all of those people turning out in athens. crowds gathering in public square. we're going to take you there live. >> they're about to wreck. boom! boom! i got that. oh i got it. i got all that. i just said they're fixing to wreck. >> that was the scene in dalton georgia, where police shut down a street for a parade of trucks. coming up, columbia, south carolina, where the battle overtaking down the symbol is still raging. thank you. can you hold on? ♪ hold on for one more day ♪ really? hey, i know there's pain. why do you lock yourself up in these chains? ♪ ♪ this would be so easy if you had progressive. our mobile app would let you file a claim and help you find one of our service centers where we manage the entire repair process. things will go your way if you hold
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when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. look at this. live pictures of greece. the images of the town square in athens. it is just hours away the country from default. that the moment huge crowds, protesters have gathered as european leaders are meeting in brussels to discuss a
10:35 am
last-minute offer by greek leaders to overt the catastrophe. u.s. markets are neutral after fall 2:% on monday on worries over whether potential fallout from possible default can be contained. you can see right now green arrows across the board. it was moments ago when president obama were asked about the dangers to the u.s. here's how he responded. >> in layman's terms for the american people, this is not something that we believe will have a major shock to the system. but obviously it's very painful for the greek people and it can have a significant affect on growth rates in europe. >> all right. the president is talking about this. claudio is live in gatt then greece covering the latest developments. we're gouging talk to talk about this but what are the protesters
10:36 am
there in athens what do they want out of any deal for their country? >> well, these particular protesters you're seeing right now are for the yes vote. are campaigning for the yes vote. what does yes mean in this particular case? yes means, yes, we will accept the deal that was offered to greece by the european creditors on saturday. the same deal that the government said was humiliating, was unacceptable and just said we cannot accept that. and that's why we're going to put it to the test to the greek people. we're going to let the greek people decide. last night there were -- there was another similar demonstration in the square and they were supporting the no vote. in that particular case they said let's not accept that deal whatever the consequence that means, the consequences are quite dire actually. if they're going to vote no on sunday it means that greece will default on its own debt that europe will not help will not
10:37 am
bail out greece anymore. there may be the loss of the euro and return to the old currency the drachma, which is completely unpredictable consequences for greece. some are rooting for pride and dignity. the other was rooting for survival. these are the ones that you're seeing today in that square. >> we'll wait to see if there's any breaking news out of brussels. claudio, thank you. south carolina governor nicky hail ikki haley is explaining her decision. in an exclusive interview with the state haley says quote, all i know is i had to do everything i could to maybe everybody feel better. part of that was not just words but action. there was no way i could look my kids in the eyend justify that flag waving. i just couldn't do it. meanwhile, a scuffle broke out on the capitol grounds yesterday. flag supporters confronting
10:38 am
those who want that symbol to be removed. one man was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. msnbc sarah is joining me now from columbia, south carolina. majority in the house and senate support the removal of the confederate flag from the grounds. when will lawmakers take this up? >> that is a great question thomas. there was a possibility that they could begin debate today if the governor veto'd an unrelated budget bill. that didn't happen. right now the tentative plan is to begin debate next monday. they needed two-thirds supermajority in both the house and the senate. the survey indicates that they have those votes to get it. following the legislative process it looks like the earliest a bill could be on the governor's desk would be thursday of next week. >> sarah, there's also a concern, paperwork filed for a kkk rally in columbia correct? >> that is correct. in fact, thomas i spoke with a representative of the kkk who confirms that they will be here
10:39 am
rallying in support of the flag on july 18th. they say they will then go to a second location on private land and they will burn a cross there. all in support of the confederate flag. obviously very upsetting, very disturbing to a lot of people especially falling all of those calls from unity by the president and legislators this passion weekend. those rallying for the removal of the flag point to the klan's support of it yet another reason it should come down. >> fascinating to think they're filing paperwork to rally and burn a cross and that would be approved. msnbc's, sarah, thanks so much. we've been following chris christie as he launched his presidential campaign and he did so just this morning, a short time ago. >> all of the signs saying telling it like it is but there was a reason for that. we are going to tell it like it is today so that we can create greater opportunity for every american tomorrow. the truth will set us free, everybody.
10:40 am
>> chris christie choosing his former high school in livingston, new jersey to launch that 2016 bid. we've been taking your pulse on christie's chances of winning the gop nomination. my colleague here with the response now, our question of the day. how are people responding? >> telling it like it is. the only way chris christie can. that is what we're asking you. will chris christie telling it like it is strategy work? here's your scoreboard. some might not be surprised to see 26% of you say yes. you believe that that will work. and 74% of you believe, no the strategy will not work. how are we doing in realtime as those votes are coming in route now? we take your pulse just based on the past couple of minutes more people are saying no. let's look at political parties interesting to see where the republican democrats, and independents, kind of all over the board right now. lately just the past minute in realtime more republicans voting and not surprising they are saying yes. interesting to see how this will change.
10:41 am
keep the votes coming at we'll have more on kristi's announce 789 and more on your votes later on in the show. right here on "msnbc live," donald trump downs down on his comments about mexico despite the mounting financial fallout. plus -- >> when you hit a target it's almost like a video game response. you see something happen. and i think that's exciting. >> our next hour we have a look at the changing face of gun owners in america. keep it right here. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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10:45 am
impact the women who participate in the pageant, our state drther, our sponsor shs and our fans. the associated press is reporting that mexico won't send a contestant to the miss universe pageant due to trump's remarks. they decided yesterday to end business relationship with trump over his comments. releasing a statement, reading in part, quote, at nbc respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values. this morning trump tweeted this. quote, i love the mexican people. but mexico is not our friend. they are killing us at the border and they are killing us on jobs and trade. he says fight. joining me now is founder of the wise latino club. thank you for being with us here. you hear that he's not backing down saying fight instead. so given that i want to play to you more of what was said yesterday. listen. >> i knew that nbc's stance on immigration is very weak very
10:46 am
weak on immigration. so i said when i'm strong on immigration, when i'm very, very strong on it i can see nbc coming out politically because maybe it's good for them but i could see them coming out politically with a very weak stance. >> okay. in his words, very weak stance. we point out he with drew from "celebrity apprentice" when he decided to run for president. it's interesting here that there is -- a unifying factor here when it comes to latinos. tell me about that. >> francis, that's exactly what it's about. and it's interesting that donald trump is really on the defensive and talking about things like others including nbc and a breach of contract with other companies. and not really talking about the issues that he as president, would be forging forward to help this country be stronger and forge a winning economy. what latinos were able to do and this is really due to the power of social media, is within a day
10:47 am
of -- within a span of 13 days just really organize and turn what were these -- just inflammatory comments into -- and the outrage that came from that, francis, all of the way to action. this was outrage on social media. it turned into an campaign that garnered almost 220,000 votes. and that really galvanized the groups advocacy communities to send statements and really ended up in what we see today which is hitting donald trump where it hurts the most and for him it's his pocket book. >> as he says he's a very rich man. he's got all of his billions and lots of zeros there. may hurt more of his ego than his pocket book. but i want to ask you this. when you hear about that knowing how important the latino, hispanic vote is for the republican party and you have donald trump here creating this noise, this speccing a ingspectacle,
10:48 am
how is it going to hurt the gop knowing they need that essential vote? >> this is not a new problem for the gop. after 2012 there was a so-called autopsy where the rnc really took a look at how it is that they were going to quote, unquote, expand the tent so that these new voters including latinos youth, african-americans, could feel welcomed into the party. and this has to do just with the logistics, the facts that the population is more multicultural and younger and changing. and so i really think that it will be really interesting to see this dissidentstance between what the party wants to do and, for example, jeb bush's campaign snaps have been incredibly friendly to the latino campaign. meet me for salsa, six-second snack. this is a problem for the gop. and i think in the same way that latinos were able to organize
10:49 am
and hit mr. trump in the pocket book the question will be are they going to be able to sustain this and hit candidates and parties at the ballot box? that will require voting and registering to vote and showing up. >> well, interesting you say you're going to hit him where it hurts him but also when you have cnn poll showing him second in new hampshire, speaks to the opposite there. i'm sure you will be watching that as well. continued fallout from those comments. thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks to you. >> and we've got a lot more ahead in our next hour including the game that will either help propel the u.s. soccer team closer to a world cup victory or deliver a knockout punch. former player will join us to discuss the final. also 50 shades of backlash, we'll tell you why when we come back. food have? 18%? 20? introducing nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna and 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health
10:50 am
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ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ all right. so "50 shades of grey" author is
10:53 am
facing an online backlash. >> after a chat yesterday telling ask her anything and they did so on the hash tag ask el james, tweets like this one that says is it only okay for christian to stalk and threaten because he's hot or because he's rich? referring to the criticism that the books romanticize domestic violence. >> also darkly snarky tweets like this asking i need advice on making a big romantic gesture. should i put a gps tracker in her phone and make threats if she tries to leave? and then this have you considered selling it from the perspective of someone that can write? some think that the writing talent is nil. joining us is editor at large of "entertainment weekly." do you think that this backlash was something that el could have anticipated or just the internet
10:54 am
being snarky? >> i think the publicist should have anticipated it. it is the internet being snarky. these things always go bad, these hash tag twitter q & as. i can't -- really, i can't imagine what they were expecting. >> a lot of that those are criticisms i heard early on at the start of the "50 shades of grey" movement here. sold more than 125 million copies worldwide. el james net worth hovers around $60 million and the point here of i don't care what you're saying and bashing me? i heard it before. look at the big bucks i'm making. it's my last laugh. >> i'm sure. the chat started out innocuously enough. what was your favorite scene to write but almost immediately the other tweets started coming in. i actually found it hard to find
10:55 am
tweets from her fans because they were so outnumbered. >> so now there were positive tweets defending el james and plans to replace part 2 of "fifty shades of christian grey's point of view." do you think this is getting to her? >> i doubt it. look. like you said she can take it to the bank. it doesn't matter. i actually think the criticism is more valid with this book because at least from the first book from "fifty shades of grey" you learned about this relationship from the point of view from the young woman being dominated. right? this book you are in the mind of the guy dominating and he does come off like a creepy stalker. >> maybe too much. >> maybe too much. >> i don't know. who had this in the studio. want that? yeah, i don't know. >> all i can read from that. >> tina, we'll keep this copy for you down here in the studio.
10:56 am
>> thank you. >> thanks so much. much more ahead right here and chris christie becoming the 14th republican candidate in the race for the white house on the gop side. will his telling it like it is strategy work? weigh in at results of a new department of justice report when's at fault for the days after the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri? walmart made a cake they'll bake and sell. you're watching nbc live. ♪ ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle great rates for great rides.
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11:00 am
the people of the united states of america. >> but can he win? we'll look at what some called an uphill climb for the new jersey governor. and greece just hours away from defaulting on a major international loan. what could be the impact be across the globe? you'll see the masses filling athens square there. hi there, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. right now, 12 clinton correctional facility employees have been placed on leave. that decision part of the ongoing investigation of richard matt's and david sweat's escape this month. it includes the prison superintendent and deputy superintendent. meanwhile, we are hearing from joyce mitchell. her attorney releasing this statement, quote, joyce is happy the manhunt ended and no one was hurt. that is what she's been praying for and her prayers were answered. joining me is nbc reporter adam
11:01 am
reiss. why were the people put on add administrateive leave? >> reporter: shocked prison officials all the way to albany where the governor's office is breached of protocol absolutely amazing from joyce mitchell allegedly having a sexual relationship with one or both of the escapees a prison guard, gene palmer exchanging tools for art, allowing them to access to an electrical box. allowing david sweat access to the catwalk. we learned that some of the bedtime rituals had been curtailed. they weren't shining lights in the cells anymore because the inmates said they couldn't sleep with the lights on. they were allowed to pull blan kets over the heads because they said they were too cold. we learned from one prison official told nbc news that the honor block where sweat and matt lived was like a block party. dancing, watching tv allowed to wear civilian clothes. they were allowed to cook their own meals on hot plates.
11:02 am
amazing breaches of protocol and i think up to the governor's office, thomas. he said enough is enough. >> also, adam sweat's condition upgraded from serious to fair but he's giving a lot more detail about the escape. what is he saying? >> reporter: yeah, they're dying to know more details, not only about how they got out but what they did on the lam. he told investigators, two investigators reporting to "the new york times" that they did a dry run on the night before they made their great escape, thomas. >> that is pretty amazing. msnbc's adam reiss reporting for us. thank you. it was earlier today that chris christie became the 14th republican to join the race for 2014 and the new jersey governor hit president obama and said both parties were to blame for washington gridlock and most of all he focused on one word. he said will define his tell it like it is campaign. the truth. >> we need a campaign of big
11:03 am
ideas and hard truths. we must tell each other the truth about the problems we have and the difficulty of the solutions. as governor, i never wavered from telling you the truth as i see it and then acting to make sure that you know that is the truth as i believe it in my heart. the truth will set us free, everybody. >> all right. so joining us now from christie's hometown of livingston new jersey christie hunt. will it help you in new hampshire? >> reporter: the truth will set you free thomas. whether or not voters are ready for the kind of truth that chris christie brings to the race remains to be seen. we are in his hometown of new jersey. new jersey a blue state and a fundamental argument here. the idea to reach out to voters across the aisle and broaden the party. nbc's kelly o'connell asked him about that earlier today.
11:04 am
>> are you trying to send a message? >> we have to. we haven't won two national elections in a row. we have to broaden the party. i've shown that in new jersey. you have seen it. it can be done. it's a lot of hard work but it can be done. that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: so the question of course, thomas whether or not he can find an audience for that pitch in the republican nominating process which often pulls candidates to the right. campaign views that road as going straight through new hampshire but there are a lot of other people feeling the same way, whether it's jeb bush john kasich and so many people riding on the primary and while the establishment of the republican party picks the nominees christie at this point several candidates back. you have to see jeb bush likely do poorly potentially kasich to rise, as well. so i think that there are a lot of dominos to fall for christie
11:05 am
ultimately to emerge to the top and putting emphasis on his own natural political talent to win over the voters on the force of his personality so i guess we'll see whether or not that's the case thomas. >> retail politics at the best going to the granite state. casey hunt thank you. joining me is john wisniewski. how did i do? >> very well. >> thank you. i was nervous about that last name but i got it. a big question of chris christie is can he survive bridge-gate. if it's tell it is the truth he can survive it? >> the final shoe hasn't dropped. there are still many unanswered questions. the governor is exonerated. his chief sponsor, david sampson, former chairman of the port authority in the middle of a very serious investigation of both states. i think that the public is going to hear a lot more about this and a big impact on the
11:06 am
candidacy. >> new jersey's economy not doing well. putting new jersey's unemployment seventh highest in the nation. economic growth bottom five. and its bond rating going up. do you think that that is going to affect christie's standing as he tries to gain national attention attention? they like a governor with a good track record. >> i always thought that when you do well at your job, you audition for the next promotion. if you look at the job this governor's done in new jersey nine downgrades by rating agencies. high unemployment. failure to fund our transportation system. failure to fund our pension system. broken promise after broken promise. i'm not sure that is doing well for a governor auditioned properly to be president of the united states. this is a governor that's broken promise after promise. i'm not sure telling the truth if he would recognize the truth. >> two land fall elections in new jersey.
11:07 am
sent him back to the state capitol. why? >> first time because it was a referendum of him and the man who held the office who interestingly enough at that point in time when christie won john corzine had higher approval numbers than chris christie has now. what we have seen is that man who ran for office and said that he was going to hold pensions sacred immediately turned about and broke his promise at that time. so this is a man who time and time again doesn't really know the truth. >> meanwhile, coming to retail politics, very successful at -- >> absolutely. >> getting to know people. he can have outbursts here and there. see how it goes in new hampshire. before the speech today, he wasn't even in the top ten candidates. do you think, though giving the tour in new hampshire, the speech today that that's going to give him a boost. >> i guess it depends on how the election is going to be judged. is it about style? because on style he's very good. he's very good on his feet. very good in town hall settings.
11:08 am
on substance and the people of new jersey and other states start to look at the substance of what kind of record he has, they're going to see very quickly he is not the candidate that they need. >> we'll see how he does in new hampshire. john wisniewski thank you. >> thank you. we're asking you to weigh in. you can head to francis will be back with the results of you feel. chris christie will speak with nbc's matt lauer for a first post-announcement sit-down interview and watch part tonight on nbc nightly news and much more tomorrow with matt on "today." the country of greece is just hours away from default. at this moment huge crowds swelling. protesters gathered again as european leaders meet in brussels to discuss the last-minute offer of greek leaders to avert catastrophe. markets are mostly neutral on
11:09 am
the worries of whether potential fallout of a possible default can be contained. you can see now, green arrows across the board. it was in the last hour where president obama was asked about the dangers to the u.s. economy. here's what he said. >> in layman's terms for the american people this is not something that we believe will have a major shock to the system. but obviously, it's very painful for the greek people and it can have a significant effect on growth rates in europe. >> nbc's claudiaeio lavanio is in greece for us. >> reporter: they cannot repay the installment back.
11:10 am
which essentially will cause greece to default on its own debt come midnight tonight. athens time. what have they done? the government asked for more money from the european creditors. it's sent a proposal to brussels saying, well we would like -- what about a third bailout program for the next two years of $30 billion? now, this proposal has been received to say the least with the cold shoulder by german chancellor merkel while others are discussing to accept or not the proposal but the general feeling is that they all now want to wait for the outcome of the referendum called up by the greek government itself this sunday calling for the greek people to decide whether to accept or not a previous offer by europe to continue to bail out greece. well this offer was called by the greek government humiliating and unacceptable and come paining for people to vote no but tonight in the main square
11:11 am
here in athens tens of thousands of people comeampaigning for the yes vote because there's a general fear here in greece they will have to choose for the lesser of two evils so accept that deal and lose their pride and dignity in a way rather than being kicked out of europe. back to you, thomas. >> nbc's claudio lavagna, thank you. residents of washington state woke up to complete devastation. photos showing the total loss of homes in one neighborhood. it was a wind-driven wildfire started in sleepy hollow and consumed 3,000 acres. >> so fast. and that's what -- that's what got us all out. actual fear. >> the trees when they're lit, they're like firecrackers and the wind blew and just -- >> burning embers jumped east to downtown and burned through at least four businesses there.
11:12 am
at least 100 homes currently under threat. free speech violations military style tactics, up next findings of a justice department preliminary review of the ferguson police department's response to last year's protests. plus the supreme court allows the few abortion clinics left in texas to stay open for now. i'm going to speak with the head of planned parenthood. walmart apologizing for making a custom isis cake after a request for a confederate flag cake was denied. ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ yeah! yeah. so, that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled. and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great. oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive.
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11:15 am
so new information from the justice department about last summer's protests in ferguson missouri. doj saying police were uncoordinated and sometimes violated free speech rights according to documents obtained by nbc news and the st. louis post dispatch.
11:16 am
francis back with a closer look at what this report is revealing. >> this coming out and brings to mind those of events that are so clear in our memories there and images, as well. here's the key points 0 of that doj report. start with this. the use of canine units xs ss exacerbated tensions and now the militarization of police. we heard so much about that in the days following. the report said officers wearing equipment should be staged out of sight. during peaceful demonstrations and then what about those armored vehicles? the doj said they quote should not be visible to protesters except in narrowly defined circumstances like when shots are fired. and the doj weighed in on teargas saidying it was deployed without and warning and
11:17 am
consideration and coming to environmental conditions as well. the report also hits at preparation saying quote, officers were not prepared for the volume and severity of personal threats including against family members, as well. so thomas these are just some of the highlights of that report obtained by nbc news. >> thank you very much. joining us now "the washington post" reporter wesley lowry covering the protests and himself arrested by the ferguson police. good to see you. someone who spent a large amount of time on the ground in ferguson ferguson, your report to the report? >> of course. frankly, not surprising and validating for the reporters down there as well as i know for a lot of ferguson residents, as well. what we saw was this period of time, two, three-week period of time with massive demonstrations and protests and massive police response and seeing the third doj report. the first about the shooting of michael brown. the second about ferguson police
11:18 am
themselves and this is about the policing of the protest. all of those arrests, the teargas, reporters being detained and arrested. this is the doj report on that and found essentially was that the police likely overstepped their constitutional bounds. >> okay. so we are learning "st. louis post dispatch" saying the full report expected to contain 45 findings with recommendations. most importantly, for improvement on each point. in addition to that what other findings do you expect based on your reporting? >> of course. and i can actually confirm that "post dispatch" report. i was reading through the 45 on my phone right now. so that is the number of recommendations and specific findings of fault. whey'd expect is a focus on the things you have highlighted. use of people in sniper positions and large weapons pointed especially in daylight. the under utilization of social media and the lack of understanding.
11:19 am
not something contained to one or two days and one thing that stood out to me is criticism that the ferguson police and responding police officers did not initially release information about the shooting and that drove the story. led to more media skepticism, more questions and led to more anger in the streets. that was something a lot of us reporters were saying from the very beginning. things like darren wilson's name and not released for days upon days. continued to breed this anger in the streets and that's what the doj finds in this report. >> getting a larger perspective, i want to ask you about the database at "the washington post." 461 shot dead by police so far this year. when's the data explaining to you about police shootings in the country? >> of course. i mean the first thing is how undercounted they are. one thing to point out is fbi puts out a number of police fatal shootings and never more than 460 for a year back to 1967. "the washington post" confirmed 461 fatal shootings in 6 months.
11:20 am
and so it means the number of shootings double what the feds say it is. so there's that. and then there's also when you don't have those numbers, you can't do analysis. policing groups activist groups, they want fewer deaths and you can only do that with an analysis of who these people are being killed. >> a starting point. wesley thanks. great to see you. >> any time. apple with a first music streaming service to the public. how it stacks up. plus most toddlers working on the crawling or the walking. look at this one. a toddler rock climbing. the pint-sized pro meet her when we come back. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision or any symptoms of an allergic reaction stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
11:23 am
♪ ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. we have extra time on our hands today. thanks to a move by international time arbitors at the paris observe tori adding a second to the world's clocks to
11:24 am
align the official world time calculated by atomic clocks to the actual rotation of the earth. well, the change takes effect at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. it won't affect anyone's daily lives but the tiny delay may cause issues for computer server servers but iphones and dvr clocks all going to be good today with one extra second thomas. >> what about the coffee timers? >> that's the most important thing, exactly. >> thank you. apple joins the heated streaming service with an update. apple music now in the competition mode with google play, spotify and pandora. after an initial free three-month trial, the subscription service costs $9.99 a month to access to a huge library and launched beats 1, this is a station of celebrity deejays choosing cue rated playlists. joining me the edward chang.
11:25 am
of course they give us three months for free to get us hooked and then almost 10 bucks. can they reclaim the digital space that spotify seems to be absorbing? >> apple has a great chance. this is an early market early days. not a lot of them subscribe to a streaming service. apple getting everyone to upgrade the phones and getting it online automatically is a good first step. >> so it just easier to absorb like for those that have the itunes library already and then want to get the streaming service, all of our music going to live together beautifully in one place? how does that work? >> that's a vision right there. basically your library and your computer your phone, live with the apple music service which is a cloud based service. you choose the music you want and stream to you and the idea to mix and match the songs on to the playlist.
11:26 am
>> this is the single plan. $14.99 i understand the family plan, right? >> yes. six accounts for $14.99. >> not bad. all the kids. >> not if you have a big family. if you're a single person not a great deal. the $9.99 price is fairly standard. going to spotify, same price. >> no free option? >> there is no free option for apple. there is a beats 1 which is a radio station that's free. 24/7 live radio station and the service; no free tier. >> apple employees, come on. i bet they get a free option. see how it goes. everybody will have the three-month trial to check it out. >> get them hooked. >> the getaway. roger, thanks. before and after pictures show the scale of destruction caused by a massive wild firefire. washington state, homes are gone. hundreds forced to flee. and then the kkk and a
11:27 am
rally for the confederate flag outside of south carolina state house. but that state governor is not so happy about their plan to visit. the supreme court allows the few abortion clinics left in texas to stay open at least for now. i'll speak about that with the president of planned parenthood. we'll be right back. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand
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we're back now. developing story following in washington state. a fast moving wildfire threatening at least 100 homes and wildfire burning 2 hours east of seattle charred 3,000 acres less than a day. hundreds of people allowed back home who were evacuated. joe friar is in washington with the latest for us. joe? >> reporter: thomas you can see one fire here in downtown wenatchee still burning out. four businesses were destroyed.
11:31 am
sparked by embers from the neighborhood fire about a mile away. it's a reminder of just how unpredictable these fires can be. as far as fires go this one moved at the pace of a cheetah. quickly devouring at least two dozen houses. >> probably really going to hit me hardener a few days realizing i don't have anything. >> reporter: shirley lived here 45 years. >> there's nothing left. >> reporter: she narrowly escaped the flames because a neighbor pounded on her door. the home was not so lucky. >> no point in crying and it's gone. it's gone. they were just things. they weren't life. >> reporter: on a single block 13 consecutive homes were destroy destroyed. >> this would have been basement, boys room. >> reporter: families just beginning to assess what was lost. they could grab little before evacuating. >> it was, it was really scary. it was nightmare. >> reporter: because it looked like rivers of fire flowing rapidly in their direction.
11:32 am
>> it chased us. it was like it was chasing us. >> reporter: hot embers sparked a few warehouse fires a mile away and an ammonia leak. the fires eventually settled down after a quick round of rain. has the fire slowed down quite a bit? >> it has. we have concerns of the wind and lightning coming in. >> reporter: another fire 50 miles away is a reminder the risk here remains high with whipping winds and record breaking temps. >> oh well. what are you going to do? >> reporter: and no shortage of victim who is now know how quickly a fire can strike. this fire is now burned about 3,000 acres. many evacuees are returning to their homes. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. thomas? >> joe friar reporting for us thank you. now south carolina where lawmakers are on track to start debating the removal of the
11:33 am
confederate flag on july 6th. with the brazilian president, president obama applauded state lawmakers for the efforts the remove that symbol. >> i was gratified to see not only the incredible response of the families who were affected by this tragedy, but by the response of people like governor haley in how they viewed the issue of the confederate flag. >> joining us now from columbia south carolina, msnbc's sarah dallof. what are people saying to you about the flag? >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas. you know, if you talk to one side, they describe the flag as representative of heritage and southern pride. but if you talk to the other side, it's symbolic of hate and of racism. this issue is becoming increasingly divisive and emotional for people. security here also increasing as these emotions ramp up. starting yesterday when the two sides came together.
11:34 am
>> it's more than just taking an american flag down or a confederate flag down. it's saying that there's a new age that has manifested itself regardless of that flag being there. but that symbolizes a lot of pain. a lot of hate. >> this flag represents freedom from tyranny. a tyrant government. not racism. not hatred. >> reporter: and last night things got so heated that police actually arrested one man and charged him with disorderly conduct after he exited a vehicle here and began engaging the crowd and they say he was the primary aggressor of eight to ten people that exited the vehicles leaving them there in the intersection and now the news that the kkk is planning to hold a pro-flag rally july 18th. a lot of emotions a lot of anger, disappointment disbelief here today, thomas. >> sarah, reporting in columbia
11:35 am
for us thanks so much. all right. so it appears that mississippi's only abortion clinic will be open through the fall and only because the supreme court is taking no action in a dispute over a state abortion law that requires doctors to have admitting privileges at local hospitals coming one day after the court placed a temporary hold on a related texas abortion law that set to take effect tomorrow. planned parenthood president richards joins me now. her late no, ma'am was the former governor of texas. the unstoppable ann richards. let's talk about this. i think a lot of people would be surprised so know that the supreme court didn't act on the mississippi case. it has one abortion provider in the whole state. >> correct. >> it placed a partial block on the texas law. >> it was a great news they put a stay on this decision on this law because, of course women in texas have already lost access
11:36 am
to reproductive health care across the state. the other thing it indicates to us is in fact the supreme court is very likely to take up this entire case and look at the undue burden women face in the state of texas for safe and legal abortions. >> talking about texas and with the supreme court could this lead to the reopening of certain closed facilities? >> right now, that's not really what's at stake but i think the question of the whole question of what is an undue burden on women to access a legal right is the question. and we're very heartened, there have been a string of good decisions by the supreme court this week on marriage equality on the affordable care act and i think this is a very good sign that five of the justices said it was important to look more closely at the question. >> seeing what the governor of texas said texas will fight for higher health care standards for women while protecting our most vulnerable, the unborn and i'm confident the supreme court will
11:37 am
ultimately uphold the law. when's the next step for planned parenthood? what is the untenable obstacle that is the health care standard that greg abbott is fighting for? >> governor abbott is fighting to basically end all access to legal abortion in the state of texas. he's made that very clear. fortunately, health care providers stay open now but if he had his way, women wouldn't have access to this right anymore. i think the important thing is now it looks like the supreme court likely will actually take up this entire -- this entire law and we hope rule on the side of women in the state of texas. i think it really in keeping with the decision they made on friday and in marriage equality to stayay that these are personal private decisions of women to make without interfooens. >> does it surprise you we have woman choice issues? >> it's discouraging but i'm encouraged at the millions of supporters planned parenthood and others around the country
11:38 am
who have voiced their opinion and supporting keeping clinics open and safe and women's access available. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. now chris christie's announcement today. in it running for the white house and made it official he is running. will his straight forward talk help him secure the gop nomination nomination? francis has the results of our bing pulse question. how do people feel? >> 20% believe, yes, his strategy will work. 80% saying no. this was 26% as far as those who said yes. that's dropped down. six points. interesting. you have tell it like it is kind of talk and some see it as a little bit brash. a little bit tough. this is classic chris christie. those who believe it works, interesting also to take a look at political party. democrats and independents both voting no overall in the last hour and a half and don't think
11:39 am
the strategy will work. republicans, though continue to vote yes. the strategy will work. so interesting to see how that will change all in our last hour and also as the governor heads to new hampshire. to start campaigning there. head to to weigh in on the question today and the opinion matters. interesting to see how that changes, thomas. >> fluctuating as you speak. thanks so much. still ahead this hour introduction to the new face of gun ownership in america. the next generation. guns 2.0. plus the u.s. back on the field tonight in the women's world cup taking on germany. the winner earning a trip to the finals. i'm going to speak with world cup champion goalkeeper briana scurry coming up next. o wind turbines. can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air.
11:40 am
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11:43 am
for the most liked instagram picture of all time. this pretty picture is liked a record 2.6 million times. that beats out the wedding wedding of kim kardashian and kanye west. i like her hair. it was making love locks. did you see that? kim wins the followers category. she has 37 million, yeah 37.6 million followers. besting kendall's paltry 29.9 million. they're doing fine on instagram. do or die time for team usa squaring off against germany but the match may not be as much of an uphill battle. germany did not live up to expectations this match. the americans playing 423 minutes without giving up a goal. that's 7 straight hours.
11:44 am
>> they're tactically great. they're organized and but i feel like we're peaking at the right time so we're right where we need to be and hopefully we'll beat germany and head into the final. >> beating germany, head to the finals. joining us world cup champ goalkeeper briana scurry. your prediction for the match tonight? >> hey, thomas. great to see you again. i think it's a very close game. i'm expecting each team to maybe get a goal tonight and thinking 2-1, usa. >> all right. i like you putting the usa winning the tournament. played out on turf. turf is really hard on the body and the set-up here the team playing 423 minutes without giving up a goal. so that would say that our team strength moved from offense to defense. do you agree with that? >> i absolutely do. i think the usa back line has been as locked down as any back line i have ever seen. they have been virtually flawless back there. whether another team gets an
11:45 am
opportunity or not, the back line is finding the opportunity and dealing with it effectively. hope had barely any saves this tournament. the become line is as good as any i've seen. >> the back line and not the goalkeeper? >> they've done well keeping the ball away from her for the most part and when the ball gets through, hope has done her job, absolutely. >> germany, the pent kick pow earlhouse as people refer to them. the defensive strength enough to break their offense? >> i feel it might be. i really do. if germany has a very active front line our usa back line may have a little bit of a problem with them. they have two very formidable strikers in number 13 and 11. so we'll see. our back line can do really well if they stay calm and collected and together they'll do well. >> we have not had a world cup since '99. you were part of that team unforgettable year.
11:46 am
what is your advice to the women before tonight? >> right now, to stay with your goal of winning a world cup. failure is not an option for the usa tonight. they have to stay together. even if germany goes ahead a goal, even if they break that goalkeeper winning streak they have had, usa needs to keep their composure. think need to play to their strength and keep going and trying to win the game. as you said earlier, it is tough for germany. they've had a lot of hard games. they had an overtime game against france. the usa has an incredible opportunity. if usa can stay in the game as long as they can and get a goal they'll win it i think. >> failure is not an option. i like that line from you. >> thank you. >> tough love as we send the women's team off tonight with the best of intentions. great to see you. thank you. >> thank you, thomas. now to other stories. this first one is stirring a lot of controversy. a louisiana man ordered an isis themed cake as a walmart bakery and wants an explanation from the company because the request for a confederate flag cake was rejected. so he ordered the isis flag cake
11:47 am
to make a point and took the company to task via youtube. they apologized saying the cake should not have been made. a spokesman added that it was unfortunate that one customer sought to take advantage of an associate that didn't know the flag or the meaning. next climbing toddlers a nightmare for moms and dads. it can be messy. a 20-month-old rock climbing prodigy, ellie farmer climbing even before she could walk. look at her go right here. look at her. no harness. all in the family. mom is a competitive rock climber. love little ellie. did you see this? alec tribek trying to rap. look and listen. >> in the theme to this '90s sitcom, i pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and i yelled to the cabi yo homes smell ya later. >> what is the fresh prince of
11:48 am
bel air. ♪ song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪
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so one in three americans own guns. that revealing new statistics based on a new study finding that ownership is two and a quarter times greater among those reporting a social gun culture and millennials come in there. we have an introduction of the next generation of gun owners in the u.s. and turning the idea of what a typical gun owner and enthusiast looks like right on its head. ♪ >> hi. hello. >> reporter: houston, texas, on a friday night. >> what brought you here tonight? >> like a date night. >> come here and meet people and
11:52 am
talk about your next purchases. better than having a drink on a friday night. >> reporter: exit 755 just off the i-10. the athena gun club. you could mistake it for an apple store. lining up to shoot. obliterating targets. blowing holes in stereotypes of what a gun owner looks like. >> from my cold dead hands. >> reporter: what's your message to the person when's out there thinking, you know it is just old white guys? >> it is not. look at me. you know? it is not. >> reporter: some call it guns 2.0. a new generation of gun slinger. young, diverse and flourishing on youtube. top gun tori 20-year-old web star. >> it's everything so-called millennials claim they want. >> reporter: kolion noir.
11:53 am
kirsten joy weiss, 28 whose videos rack up hundreds of thousands of views. >> card splitting trick. got it. >> reporter: according to a survey, gun ownership in decline among the young. 14% of adults under 25 say they own one. >> for my channel, my range of ages demographics between 18 and 35. that's my main group. >> gun culture here is thriving and booming. either the data is skewed or maybe moving to metropolitan areas and less practical and the desire is still there. >> reporter: i met up with a group of young gun owners at a popular shooting range outside austin. >> a lot of older generations out of necessity. for us more of a -- something we found out on our own watching youtube video or playing a video game. >> i loved video games, loved the shooter games but what really interested me wasn't
11:54 am
necessarily hitting a target. it was figuring out how they worked. >> hitting a target like a video game response. you see something happen. and i think that's exciting. >> reporter: it's generation shaped by headlines about mass shootings. but not in the ways you might expect. >> it really underscored in my mind that shooting is a martial art and with any martial art it can be an artform, teach focus and discipline and zen for a lack of a better word and used for, you know evil in the wrong hands. >> reporter: what do you say to people saying carakarate can't whip out a school of children. >> if you had somebody trained with a gun who knew how to use it responsibly, he could actually save that school. >> reporter: not everyone may agree. but they say before you judge, get to know them. >> a new generation of gun lovers is passion nal, connected, welcoming. you're welcome to come to the range with us and just shoot.
11:55 am
try it. >> amazing difference in what we think of gun ownership. that's going to wrap things up for me today. i'll see you back here tomorrow 1:00 p.m. eastern. keep the conversation going on social media. hey, gang. >> hey, thomas. we have a lot going today. as you know governor chris christie announced the presidential run and the latest on that. i'm going to explain where the road forward after marriage equality goes. and i think we're also going to eat a little bit of ice cream. stick around for that.
11:56 am
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11:58 am
where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week fine lines appear to fade. one month deep wrinkles look smoother. after one year, skin looks ageless. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. chris christie officially on the road to 2016. is he crossing a bridge to nowhere? >> oh! >> nice tunes for the ride there. good afternoon. i'm krystal ball. new jersey's most defensive
11:59 am
driver is trying to merge on to the fast lane to the white house. this is not exactly the road less traveled folks. chris christie's got a long commute ahead and hopefully there's no lane closures. >> oh! >> america is tired of hand wringing and indivisiveness and weakness in the oval office. we need to have strength and decision making and authority back in the oval office and that is why today i'm proud to announce my candidacy for the republican nomination for president of the united states of america! >> governor christie drove home his message and so many of these, folks. be ready. in a town hall style event. minus the questions. no gps for this speech people. minus a teleprompter. christie spoke for 35 minutes and he was careful not to detour off message. >> this weakness and indecisiveness in the oval
12:00 pm
office sent a wave of anxiety through the country. i'm here today to tell you that anxiety can be swept away by strong leadership and decisiveness to lead america again. >> christie did not stop with the current president. he clearly wants to make sure another democrat or maybe one of his 13 other republican opponents doesn't park themselves in the white house. >> after seven years of a weak and feckless foreign policy we better not turn it over to his second mate hillary clinton. >> the road to 1600 pennsylvania avenue is 231 miles from the announcement today in livingston, new jersey. if the latest polling is any indication, chris christie already in a traffic jam. >> oh! >> even if he arrived on time to the first presidential debate it's not clear if he'd even find a parking space on the stage. >> my goodness. good stuff. >>